Hello Bay Area Friends,

First off, I wanted to say thank you. We have done so many things together. Fill Up America on Thanksgiving feeding 300 homeless people. The first CP was here! We’ve had so many events together. We have changed San Francisco forever by adding so much love and Orgasm. The San Francisco community has always been a YES to everything. You have changed something deep inside of me and taught me to love in a whole new way.

As part of the vision to bring Orgasm online and to the world, OneTaste Bay Area has decided to close its doors. We will no longer be offering in-person classes in SF. San Francisco will always be the place where Orgasmic Mediation started and the foundation city in which it grew.

Working for OneTaste Bay Area has changed my life inside and out. I am certain you feel the same about the practice. I am so grateful for the bay-area community for all your humor, passion and love. You are truly an amazing community of people.

Here’s a note from OneTaste on the announcement: https://onetaste.us/announcements

OM isn't going anywhere! A few logistics:

The Facebook page will stay active for those of you who are trained in how to OM and on it.

The Facebook page will stay active for those of you who are trained in how to OM and on it. That is exciting.

If you want private coaching,
Ali Wahl - 415-860-8415
Caroline Griggs 407-760-9386
Chris Davis 917-319-0929
They all incredible coaches who can train you in the practice.

If you are signed up for a class and haven't been contacted, email help@onetastebayarea.com and we will get you all sorted out.

We’re having a party to say goodbye and I’d love all of you to be there!
Where: The center 39 fell street
When: Saturday Oct 20th
Time: 7pm at the center
We will provide food
We will tell stories, say gratitudes, and eat good food. Come and join us!! You know the BayArea has the best parties

Thank you for loving OM as you do. We will continue to strive to change the way people connect. If you have any questions reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you. With so much love gratitude and appreciation,